English Motoring Club of Mississippi

Membership Information

If you like old British iron, you would enjoy our company.  All British car enthusiasts are welcome - in fact, you don't have to own one to join the EMC.  You can enjoy the club camaraderie and events, without the trials and tribulations of ownership!

Family dues are $25 and apply to a calendar year.  Each month (except January) you will receive a copy of The British Marque, and will also receive periodic emails about events, club news, etc.  To join: click, print, complete the Membership Application and mail it to:
c/o Stephen Turner
104 Southpark Drive
Vicksburg MS 39180
EMC Officers
John Turbeville, President
(601) 940-5288
Faye Enzman, Regalia Chairman
(601) 532-6293
Steve Whitlow, Vice President
(601) 918-9947
Charles & Donna Durning, Editor - Offside/Undo
(601) 668-7909
Keith Anderson, Technical Chairman
(601) 829-2573
Terry & Merideth Trovato, Historians
(601) 442-8684
Clay Johnston, Treasurer
(601) 797-3865
Gene Johnston, Web-Site
(601) 941-4892
Stephen Turner, Membership Chairman
(601) 618-8005